After charges of perjury: Petry admits error in a statement

The prosecution Dresden Frauke Petry has indicted on suspicion of perjury. The former politician AFD responds – with allegations against the verification of credentials.

For the prosecution against the former Dresden AFD politician Frauke Petry brought a charge of suspicion of perjury, Petry has admitted an error in its statement on Wednesday afternoon. She is accused, testified falsely on 12 November 2015 of honor before the election review committee of the Saxon State Parliament in Dresden and to have their statements under oath, the Justice Department said in Dresden on Wednesday.

Petry even said she had testified not intentionally wrong. “The indictment accuses me unjustly to have deliberately said something wrong. It is true that I have given my memories, “Petry said. Of the possibility to reproach her the contents of the loan agreement, the Committee had, unfortunately, time did not exercise.

“I would have corrected my mistake on derivative granted.” This was the committee chairman but want to avoid obvious “to utilize my mistake politically against me.”

The Immunity Committee of the Parliament had agreed to a request from the prosecutor’s office on 17 August, to withdraw the former AFD faction leader protecting from prosecution. Petry had itself out in favor of this: One method offers the possibility to comment publicly on the allegations, she said at the time.

Prosecutor determined more than a year

Specifically, it’s about statements Petrys to loans from the parliamentary candidates to finance the election campaign of the AFD in the Saxony state election in 2014. According to prosecutors, they should have said that the candidates would have to decide whether the loans repaid or converted into a donation after a successful state election to be. These details of the witness are contrary to the loan agreements, after which a parliamentary candidate waived in the event of his election to the repayment of the loan, it said.

The prosecutor’s office in Dresden had investigated the former AFD federal and state leader more than a year. The starting point was conflicting evidence from her and AFD Treasurer Carsten Hütter before the election review committee of the Parliament in connection with the preparation of the list of candidates for state elections. Then two criminal complaints had been made against Petry. The investigation of Hütter has already been set in May.

With a swift action, the opening is not expected, said chief prosecutor Lorenz Haase on Wednesday. The Regional Court Dresden must first apply for the waiver of immunity of members of parliament Petry. The new parliament is due to meet until October 24 for its constituent meeting scheduled.

The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AFD) was the third-strongest force in the parliament drafted. Petry had won the direct mandate in their constituency Saxon Switzerland / Eastern Ore Mountains but announced a day after this success, their withdrawal from the parliamentary group. On Friday, she resigned from the AFD.

Petry is in factional dispute in the AFD inferior. The Bundestag it belongs after emerging as independents. Few Party members have followed their example and the AFD have turned their backs. As the first member of the Bundestag “Bild” newspaper, Mario Mieruch left the AFD Group according to a report of. is speculated whether Petry will establish, together with the faithful a new party.

Diplomatic immunity: The AFD thriller

After her party outlet had the politician complained in the “Welt am Sonntag” a “witch hunt” in their former party. Who was regarded as her followers would be “like a traitor treated and followed literally in the social networks.” Because of the attacks on their person, it was impossible for her to work in the new AFD parliamentary group.
In Saxony state parliament and the Bundestag she now wants to form a group of several deputies, Petry said the “Welt am Sonntag”. An “exodus from the AFD” she did not run, she said.

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